The Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Resource
What is about? is resource started by LaDawn Jung to provide imaginative creations in the form of quilts, tayloring, embroidery, digitizing, interior furniture and window covering, Outdoor sewing with canvas or vinyls for covering.  She is driven by an incredible passion for satisfaction of her customers. Her works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and technique. LaDawn has developed an innovative style that blends practicalitiy with fine design. Her use of vibrant colors and strong lines make her work an excellent choice for a wide range of projects and purposes. LaDawn is accomplished in using traditional methods as well as modern technique with all of her services performed. Her work has been noted to be a main resource for charity in live auctions. LaDawn has been known to service clients to an extreme satisfactory appreciation of her work.   Although LaDawn loves to express her vision through service, she is also adept at getting to know her clients needs.

LaDawn will bring your vision to life. She is skilled at creating a wide range of services


LaDawn can create the perfect product for any purpose, including:

  • Pieces to decorate your home, office, or place of business
  • Embroidery with Advertising
  • Embroidered Logos on any fabric or caps
  • Portraits put into customed quilting designs
  • Tayloring of fine clothing
  • Replacement of leather, vinyl or any fabrics
  • Any home or  clothing fabric repair or creation

About the Designer

LaDawn Jung is a self-taught designer. Born in 1959 in National City, California, LaDawn took to sewing at the age of 8. Throughout her childhood, LaDawn developed an appreciation for her creativity. She would often contemplate for hours with fabrics, tape, pins and notepad.  Years of fabric creations made it clear that LaDawn's life would be centered upon her passion for designing. After working a career in medical receivables management, LaDawn had a desire to help others with her passion of fabric designing.  LaDawn is now a professional in other aspects of fabric, with her resent adventure in embroidery design and digitizing of cartoons being drawn by her Uncle Ron. LaDawns love for others is evident when working with her customers vision and completing that task with extraordinary results.  LaDawn lives in Ramona with her husband Craig, four cats (Yukon, Miss Gray, Janie and Agatha) and 3 dogs (Frangelica, Dharma and Shadow).

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